Founded in 2006 in China, Leekee Packaging Solution Co., Ltd. is a dynamic product manufacturer and distributor dedicated to meeting the needs of skin care, color cosmetics and fragrance industries.


We offer a wide range of packaging solutions, from skin care, nail polish, fragrance, essential oil, roll-on, to make-up. All packaging, both glass and plastic, can be personized through decorations including metallization, frosting, painting, screen printing, hot foil stamping done with the most modern technologies.


Having experienced a fast development in 10 years, we have witnessed the expanded operation finding prominence in many countries such as the U.S., Europe, South America, Middle East, and Southeast Asia.


What makes us stand out is the quality control system carried out along all production stage, cost effective pricing, superior customer service, R&D and design.


In this catalog you will items we offer as standard. However we believe that every brand deserves its own image and packaging alike. Therefore please do not hesitate to ask us about custom tooling and design.


We hope you enjoy going through our ranges and will be happy to serve you with answers to your questions and send samples for the items you like.


Also take a look at our website where you will find even more items and up-to-date